Cycling while cat spotting.

Ready for cat pics? Germany has been a cat bonanza. Usually I confine my cat posts to Instagram, but the last two days cycling in Germany have been so cat rich I can’t resist sharing.

This cat in old town Memmingen was very fond of Rich.
This farm cat in Kißlegg was very interested in a cuddle.

First we had a six cat day, which we considered a lot, and then today we had a fifteen cat day while riding almost 70k to Landsberg am Lech.

Calico cat warming up in the sun.
This cat was enjoying the last rays of sun outside old town Wangen im Allgäu. Up for pets? Yes.

Many of the cats spotted were in fields hunting or sleeping, not close enough for decent photos or interaction.

“There’s one.” I think this was #12.

It makes the miles/kilometers pass. Happy pedaling.

Cat mechanic.

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21 years car free, 11 years serving on transit boards helping SF and Caltrain move forward, and now, traveling the world. Happy doesn’t begin to describe how I feel when traveling with my hubby TravelRich.

2 thoughts on “Cycling while cat spotting.”

  1. Are you sure it isn’t Cat Spotting While Cycling? Even I, who avoid cats due to a major allergy, am amused by your CATegorically amusing non-CATastrophic or CATatonic CATalog. What next? Cats in CATacombs? Cats in CATalpa trees? Cats in CATalonia?

    1. 🤣🤣 I love cats, and love cycling – although both have their disappointments. With cats, it’s unpetable adorable cats whom I just want to cuddle, with cycling it’s long or steep uphills when I have to dismount and push. Or boring stretches along motorways.

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