Hello Pilgrims. Camino del Norte, Irún to Zarautz.

It’s nice to be welcomed.

We’ve been talking about doing the Camino Del Norte for years, ever since we did the Camino Inglés and loved it. So here we are. Rich and I started in Irún and we met our friends Christine and Cecily in San Sebastián, and from there we will all walk to Bilbao.

Beer tap at a galatian restaurant in Irún. That octopus looks shocked. Probably because he’s on the menu.
Heading out of Irún, up to the Hermitage of Guadalupe.
On the ridge with an ocean view.

We won’t be going all the way to Santiago this time. Time constraints. But we are thrilled to be able to hike with friends.

Views like this are the reward for the climbs. Looking back down into Irún.
Our first night in Pasai Donibane, just across from the larger city of Pasaia
The scene in Pasai Donibane. Pretty quiet. Very scenic.
Breakfast in Pasai Donibane, see that yellow arrow on the wall? That’s a Camino marker. We follow those.
A pedestrian ferry across the harbor.
A nice start to the day, being ferried across.
A steep start to the actual walking.
Ah. Reward view.
Smiles on arriving in San Sebastián. Look at that water. And smiles because…
Friends arrive! So happy to be together in Spain with good friends.
We went on a food tour – yes, I was excited by the cheesecake stop.
Bar hopping with drinks and pintxos.
The Happy Pilgrims. Ready to leave San Sebastián.
The way can be rocky.
The way is frequently beautiful.
Pilgrims on the road ahead.
All the happy travelers in Zarautz, Spain.

Not many words in this post. The day gets away from you with 13 miles of walking, a lot of catching up to do, and tired legs to rest. Buen Camino!

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21 years car free, 11 years serving on transit boards helping SF and Caltrain move forward, and now, traveling the world. Happy doesn’t begin to describe how I feel when traveling with my hubby TravelRich.

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